Device Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the SpeechEasy™ Device:
*Wipe the outside of the SpeechEasy™ device daily with a soft, dry cloth or tissue to remove earwax and body oils. The soft brush provided with the device may be used to remove stubborn wax.

*The battery compartment of the device should be left open at night to insure that the device is off and that fresh air can enter the device and dry it more completely. Do not attempt to clean the speech aid by inserting pins or toothpicks into the openings as it is very easy to damage the internal parts.

*If wax builds up inside an opening, it is best to bring the device to the dispenser for proper cleaning. Some people tend to develop more earwax than others; thus, it is important to have their ears checked regularly, as wax can build up and stop the device from functioning properly.

Battery Information (ITC takes a 312 battery while a CIC takes a 10)
A good battery is vital for the device to function properly. The following information will help you obtain optimal battery life and avoid potential problems:

*The tab should be removed from the battery 30 to 60 seconds before installing it into the device.

*Battery life depends on: the size of the battery, the drain produced by the device circuitry, hours of use per day, and listening conditions. If the battery is not lasting as long as expected, track battery life by placing removed battery tabs on your calendar. This will help you determine the average battery life.

*Contact the dispenser for the expected battery life in your instrument.

*Store batteries in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Leave the tab in place until you are ready to install the battery. Do not carry loose batteries in your pocket or purse, as contact with other metal objects may short-circuit the batteries.

*Remove batteries before placing devices into a dry aid kit.

*When the device is not in use, swing open the battery door. This will ensure the best battery life.

*Keep batteries away from children, pets and medications. If a battery is accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

General Tips for SpeechEasy™ Care and Maintenance:
*Avoid Heat:
a) Do not place the device near stoves, radiators, heat lamps or in direct sunlight.
b) Do not wear the device when using a hair dryer or hair spray.

*Avoid Cold:
a) The device can function well when outdoors even during the winter.
b) However, after extended periods in the cold, the battery may loose power. If this occurs, just let the aid naturally return to room temperature and power should be restored.

*Avoid Moisture:
a) The SpeechEasy™ should not be worn in or near saunas, steam baths, regular baths, vaporizers, or showers.
b) Protect the device from rain or snow. Perspiration can also damage the device. If the device gets wet, let it dry naturally with the battery door left open or else in a special dry aid kit that can be purchased from your audiologist. Never dry a device with a hair dryer.

*Handle with care:
a) Be careful not to drop the device, and do not leave the device where pets or children can reach it.
b) Do not attempt to open the case of the device to repair or adjust it.

Dry Aid Kit:
*The purpose of a dry aid kit is to remove moisture, which may build up in the device. Moisture can occur from perspiration, condensation or humidity in the air.

*Using a Dry Aid Kit:
a) Remove the batteries from the device and set them aside. The life of a zinc air battery is reduced by exposure to the active ingredients in a dry aid kit.
b) Leave the battery doors open.
c) Put the device into the kit.
d) Seal the kit.
e) Leave the device in the kit overnight. More or less drying time may be necessary, depending on the amount of moisture present.
f) Keep the kit closed at all times to extend its usable life.