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Steps to Obtain SpeechEasyTM

Step #1: First, you will need to make an appointment with an audiologist to complete a basic hearing examination (audiogram) and have an impression made of your ear. You will need to bring the information and procedures form for the audiologist to follow. You need to inform the audiologist as to whether you want the impression made for your right or left ear. We highly recommend that the device be worn in the ear opposite to your telephone ear.

Step #2: You will bring the ear impression and a copy of your audiogram to our office at the time of your appointment.

Step #3: In our office we will use a demonstration model of the SpeechEasy™ to program and evaluate its effectiveness for you.

Step #4: We will sample your speech before and during several points while certain combinations of Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) and Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) settings are programmed into the device. This is to determine which combinations produce the most fluency for you.

Step #5: If you are satisfied with the response and decide to purchase a unit for yourself, we will place the order when you have provided us with the ear impression and we have received full payment for the device. Your ear impression and the miniature faceplate that will be used to build your device will then be sent to the laboratory for assembly.

Step #6: Upon receiving the unit from the lab, your settings will be programmed into the device and you will be scheduled for an appointment for your follow-up visit. There is no charge for this visit. If you are not able to return to our office to pick up your SpeechEasy™ because of distance, it will be programmed and sent to you. There is a $25 shipping and handling fee for this service.

There is a clinical fee for our time spent with you. The fee is due at the time of your initial visit regardless of whether or not you decide to purchase the device. The clinical fee is $350, payable to Kay M. Monkhouse, Ph.D. Payment for the SpeechEasy™ needs to be made payable to Janus Development Group, Inc. The cost of the SpeechEasy™ varies depending on the model you choose to purchase (please see the pricing matrix in the product specifications or visit The SpeechEasy™ comes with a full year warranty on mechanical defects, during which time the Janus Development Group, Inc. will repair or replace the device as necessary at no charge. There is a thirty-day trial period with a limited money-back guarantee regarding your satisfaction of the device. Janus Development Group, Inc. will refund 90% of the purchase price if it is returned undamaged within 30 days from the time you received the device (10% is retained for re-customizing the unit).

How to Find an Audiologist and Obtain an Ear Impression for the SpeechEasy

Step #1: Find a local audiologist in the community in which you live. One way to find an audiologist is to look in the "Yellow Pages" under the listing "Audiologists" (in order to have a listing in the "Yellow Pages", an audiologist has to be properly licensed). Another way to find an audiologist is to contact a local hospital, American Academy of Audiology or the Speech and Hearing Association in your state (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania). Make sure that the audiologist whom you elect has had considerable experience in taking impressions of the ear. It is essential that you have the audiologist read the instruction sheet entitled, "For the Audiologist." The audiologist will provide you with hearing test results (audiogram) and an ear impression. The fee for these audiological services varies depending upon geographic location.

Step #2: You need to bring the impression of your ear and your audiogram to our office at the time of your scheduled appointment.

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